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Hospice Team

Meet the dedicated team of reliable and well-trained professionals who will deliver the hospice care that your loved one needs.

Our care team at Divine Hospice LLC is composed of professionals from different disciplines.

Medical Director: Provides care in collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

Registered Nurse: Focus on symptom management and pain control; supervises the caregivers; and, facilitates the entire team by maintaining communication and coordination with everyone involved in the patient’s care.

Certified Nursing Assistant: Delivers assistance in personal care, such as bathing, dressing, oral care, and light housekeeping.

Social Worker: Helps with emotional, financial, and social needs of both the patient and family members.

Spiritual Counselor: Administers spiritual support and guidance for patients and family members who are dealing with a terminal illness.

Hospice Volunteer: Gives an ample amount of time to offer companionship and other support for the relief of the family and the patient with terminal illness.

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